2 Tips Fit People Do When Returning From Vacation

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2 Tips Fit People Do When Returning From Vacation

I just got back from a short 3 day cruise to the Bahamas with my wife and son.

The feeling of getting off the plane or the drive back home sucks.  I don’t know if you guys get it but no matter what I always feel sad coming back home.  I think it’s just the return to obligations, built up work while being away and lastly the uncertainty that you’ll get back in the groove of where you left off.

I also am not looking forward at all to working out or eating any kind of healthy right now.  So, to beat these doldrums I have two thing I am going to do to get me from Michael Scott status to Leonard Dicaprio.



tips returning from vacationBefore vacation I was in the flow.  I had just come off of a PhatBurn challenge, so I was feeling great.  BUT, the vacay changes up the routine.  I went from my normal work schedule with four PhatBurn approved meals per day to waking up whenever want, eating whatever I wanted and laying around in the sun all day.  Actually, the reality was I was chasing my 1 year old Wes around the ship more than I was lounging but I am not complaining, it was awesome.  This is him on the move…tips when returning from vacation




Here are my 2 tips.

  1. Combine your workouts with work.

Break the routine of vacation.  The best thing is to workout the first day you are back to work.  I bet you don’t want to go to work either but you have no choice.  By the 2nd day back from vacation you are already back in the work flow.  So just do the same thing with your workouts.  I have so much to do today I know I am not going to get it all done.  BUT, I am blocking off one hour to make sure I workout.  If I don’t I may not tomorrow either.  Next thing, my three day trip turns into a two week break from the gym.   You are forced into work ( most of us) so complete the cycle with a 1 hour workout.  They are both routines, go book that workout. Like right now.


  1. Go mini grocery shopping.

Another thing easily avoided is the return to eating healthily.  Grocery shopping is a task easily delayed until the weekend.  Instead, just get some quick essentials to make easy meals with out stressing the bigger task.   I order PhatBurn meals but until my order gets delivered in two days I bought some blueberries, greek yogurt and eggs.  With those 3 things I can stretch 3-4 meals easy until I have my normal meals again.


Sounds pretty common sense but I sit with sooo many people who tell me “well I was doing great until we went to (fill in the blank).  Ever since I got back I just haven’t been able to get myself going.”

Stop that right now.  All it takes is one workout (TODAY) and 2 or 3 grocery items and you will be back in your routine by tomorrow night.  Get going!



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