As women influenced by media and societal norms, many of us worry about our weight on a regular basis. But when there’s a wedding dress waiting for us, that anxiety intensifies. So much so, that a whopping 80% of brides-to-be will make an effort to shrink their waistline before their wedding day, often going to drastic measures to achieve their goal weight. Liquid diets, starvation, overexertion, diet pills – all of these weight loss methods are ineffective at best and can even be dangerous for your health!

In our infographic, we don’t have any strict diet plans or overly intense exercise regimens to follow. Instead, we’ve laid out some reasonable activities to perform a few times per week, as well as some healthy diet and exercise alternatives to burn some extra calories and get you in shape – the right way! In the end, not only will you look great for your wedding photos, you’ll feel great as well.

Shedding for the Wedding