How to get fit, even the best shape of your life, and have fun doing it…faster than you ever thought possible.

Study shows the form of exercise routine PhatBurn uses is nine times more effective for losing fat than a traditional steady-state cardio workout!

For a fitness routine to be successful it has to achieve, at a minimum, two things…

1) You have to feel and know you are making progress.
2) You have to enjoy your workout environment.

Here’s how we at PhatBurn address those two (and other) points via our workout…

  • You’ll be in a comfortable, friendly group of like-minded people – Our group sessions are large enough to be economical, yet small enough to get you all the personal attention you need. There’s no need to be intimated, everyone at PhatBurn is friendly and wants you to succeed.
  • You’ll not only see results, we’ll track your progress every step1G of the way – One reason why people fail is there is no one there to keep them accountable. That all changes at PhatBurn.  We monitor and track your progress and motivate you to reach your goals every step of the way.  You won’t just have one trainer looking out for you, everyone at PhatBurn will be invested in your success and will be actively making sure you achieve all your desired results.   Plus, by monitoring your success, you’ll be able to see that you are making progress even during those times where it’s hard to see.
  • You’ll focus on a different body part each workout – For instance, Monday, we might focus on the legs and abs; Tuesday on the chest and back; Wednesday the arms…and so on. This gives your muscles ample time to recover and ensures that you build muscle and strength in all areas of your body.  Plus we vary our workouts so you’ll never get bored from doing the same routine over and over again.
  • You’ll make the most efficient use of your workout time – At PhatBurn, we specialize in High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The idea behind HIIT is that short, intense interval workouts (followed by a short break) produce more efficient results rather than longer, slower cardio workouts.  In fact, a 1994 study by Quebec’s Laval University found that HIIT was nine times more effective for losing fat than a steady-state cardio workout.  A 2011 study presented at the American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting found that two weeks of high-intensity intervals improves your aerobic capacity as much as six to eight weeks of endurance training.
  • You’ll be comfortable no matter what stage you’re at. Whether you’re new to working out or a veteran, we’ll design a plan for you that takes into consideration your current fitness level.

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