Prior to PhatBurn I worked on wall street as a trader working around the clock.

I found it increasingly hard to keep up with the demands of a high-performance job while staying in shape, eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. 1F

Then something happened that changed everything.

A friend of mine, Shawn Smith, was involved in the shooting of a workout DVD called “Insanity” by notable trainer Shaun T.

While I found the filming of the workouts interesting, it was what went on behind the scenes that really intrigued me.

You see Shawn and the other participants were on a very strict nutrition schedule throughout the workout sessions.  The DVD producers knew that good nutrition was the key to making sure they were “camera-ready.”

Each day, healthy food created under the supervision of a nutrition specialist, was brought to the set.

Now I already knew that nutrition played a key role in someone’s overall fitness and health level (depending on who you speak to it’s anywhere between 60% and 80%) but it was Shawn’s experience that got me thinking.

Your personal trainer, nutritionist and chef under one convenient roof

What if a business was to offer fitness, nutrition, and delicious, healthy food all under one roof?

And with that, I said goodbye to my friends on Wall Street and Shawn and I started PhatBurn together.

The concept is simple…

Instead of paying for a personal trainer, your own nutritionist, and your own chef; you pool resources with a small but dedicated group of people.  You get all the benefits in each key life area at a fraction of the cost.

For me, it’s allowed me to combine building a successful, profitable business with the self-satisfaction of having a positive impact on the White Plains NY and the Stamford CT communities.

We are passionate about helping you bring positive change breakthroughs to your life

At PhatBurn, we’ve assembled a team of people passionate about changing people’s lives.  And while the people’s physical transformation has been dramatic, it’s the changes in people’s attitudes and their renewed enthusiasm for the future that has been the most satisfying and rewarding.

I can’t tell you what an awesome feeling it is meeting someone who is not where they want to be in life physically and then watching them blossom both physically and mentally over the course of a few months.

You will achieve all your fitness and nutrition goals

Our goal at PhatBurn is to be the antithesis of the “big box-type gyms.”  First off, we provide you with a warm and friendly environment that you’ll always look forward to visiting.  Plus as we mentioned, we provide you with training, nutrition, and access to nutritious food all under one roof.

And most importantly, we provide you with motivation and accountability.  I, or a member of the PhatBurn staff, will be guiding you and cheering you on every step of the way.

All you have to do is provide the desire and we’ll provide the rest.  And together, we’ll make sure that you become someone who is operating at the highest level when it comes to your overall health and well-being.

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