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Phatburn Nutrition Specialist
Looking for a long term career
with a fast growing Fitness Business


Dear Prospective Team Member,
First, thanks for taking the time to visit this site. It’s my hope that you have precisely what we’re looking for in a candidate so my team can take this page down immediately and put you to work in the fun and rewarding position we have available.

Let me begin by sharing a little about our company and the position we currently have available.

My name is Paul Wintergerst and our company is called PhatBurn, located in White Plains NY & Stamford CT. We are a boutique fitness studio that also offers nutrition and chef prepared food services.

We are expanding to our second location and are excited to grow with people who are passionate about fitness and their career. PhatBurn is an exciting young company with very big upside potential.

We’ve been around since 2011 and I invite you to learn more about our company by going to our

If you’re selected for this position, you’ll work at a drama free environment focused on helping our clients achieve their life changing fitness goals. This isn’t a 9-5 job. You will be giving exciting tasks and responsibilities and given room to grow and show us what you’ve got.

Are you an “A-Player”?

At PhatBurn we’re ONLY looking for “A Players” to join our team. “A Players” are people who are committed to excellence in all that they do.

They can get a job anywhere, but they take the time to research the companies they’re considering working for, they’re selective in the interviews they go out on, and they “go the extra mile” in searching for the “right” position because they’re looking for more than a job… they’re looking for a long-term career opportunity.

They’re looking to be part of a team where they can make a positive impact on the world through the work they do WHILE being challenged to grow and become a better version of themselves.

If you think you are an “A Player”, then please read on to learn more about the exciting opportunity we have available for the right candidate.


Responsible for handling all aspects pertaining to the TDC/TDL Program, including fulfilling the nutrition coach role for participants of the program.


  1. Administer member body compositions
  2. Hold clients accountable according to the PB accountability program
  3. Coach clients through the PB TDC & TDL nutrition programs
  4. Answer client nutrition related questions on the PhatBurn Facebook group
  5. Produce chart of clients progress and communicate them to staff and members
  6. Upsell the Shaklee line of nutrition products and PhatBurn Phuel meals that you agree with
  7. Offer analysis and advice on fat loss, lean body mass gain and goal related nutrition advice.
  8. Support the community events, including promotional workouts, & nutrition workshops.
  9. Market and sell the TDC/TDL program to existing clients
  10. Communicate with TDC/TDL Headquarters with any issues directly.
  11. Enter all participant’s data into program software.
  12. Run all TDC/TDL meetings including the initial orientation and follow-up meetings.
  13. Create all articles and special programs for TDC/TDL participants.
  14. Communicate with participants via email throughout entire program of all events, weekly reminders…etc.
  15. Assist with securing strategic alliances for advertising and prizes
  16. Assist in obtaining prizes for the Challenge
  17. Plan the End of TDC/TDL Celebration event (if offering)


  1. Passion: for helping others
  2. Leadership: inspires confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Persistence: Demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the distance to get something done.
  4. Creative/Innovative: Generates new and innovative approaches to problems
  5. Honesty/Integrity: Does not cut corners ethically. Earns trust and maintains confidence. Does what is right, not just what is politically expedient. Speaks plainly and truthfully.
  6. Communication skills: ability to exchange ideas with others, understand others’ perspectives, solve problems. Speaks and writes clearly and articulately.
  7. Organizational skills: Plans, organizes, schedules, and budgets in an efficient, productive manner. Focuses on key priorities.


Reports to director of nutrition.


  1. Associates Degree or currently enrolled in college.
  2. Must have basic understanding of nutrition, meaning that there needs to be a basic interest in learning about how nutrition affects performance/results of potential and current gym clientele.
  3. Nutrition degree is preferred and can be sponsored for one while at PhatBurn
  4. Strong computer skills is a must.
  5. Must be able to be a leader and implement program as specified.
  6. Excellent verbal, communication and listening skills.
  7. Must be well versed with managing a group and communicating with the group efficiently and without direction.


  1. BodyMetrix body composition training
  2. Takedown challenge participation and training
  3. Takedown Lifestyle participation and training – prior to running a TDC/TDL Program, must do the TDC/TDL to fully understand the program. Run through the TDC/TDL program as a participant in its entirety.
  4. PhatBurn program participation and training
  5. Become certified in Balanced Habits nutrition coaching
  6. Fully understand all company policies and procedures and program guarantees
  7. Sales skills including communication and listening
  8. Marketing the TDC/TDL program


  1. Quarterly through 1 on 1 PDI interviews with the owner or director of nutrition.


  1. Probation: Ideally 6 weeks prior to leading a TDC/TDL Program in the role of the TDC/TDL Technician (min. wage – $10)
  2. Level I: Basic Nutrition Education + Practical Experience ($14 – $18)
  3. Level II: Basic Nutrition Education + 1 yr. Practical Experience ($18-$21)
  4. Level III: Nutrition Degree + 1+ yrs. Practical Experience (up to $25)
  • *Note: Actual compensation is dependent on location and level of knowledge.

A Glimpse of What’s Expected

You will assist in working with our director of nutrition hand in hand to learn everything you need to learn about running a successful nutation program. You must be comfortable posting on social media, including: Facebook, Twitter, blogs and video scripts. You must be comfortable on a computer and have the ability to learn software programs and troubleshoot problems with technology. You take pride in your appearance and follow the type of lifestyle we will be teaching others to follow.

What’s Next

We’re looking to hire the right person immediately. So if this sounds like a career opportunity that interests you, please apply by submitting a cover letter, resume and reference page and photo.

In your cover letter tell us a little about yourself and why this position interests you.
Again, thanks very much for your interest in our company.

Paul Wintergerst

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